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A novel approach in holistic healing' – is what many visitors comment about J Watumull Global Hospital &Research Centre. Our founder trustees include an industrialist, a surgeon and a spiritual leader. In 1989, eminent head and neck cancer surgeon from Mumbai, Dr Ashok Mehta visited the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu and believed they were an ideal, like-minded group of people he could partner, to implement his vision of a model hospital focusing on holistic healthcare. The project was adopted by our founder mentors, Mr Khuba Watumull and Mr Gulab Watumull of Mumbai and Hawaii (U.S.A.) respectively, and named J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre, in memory of their late father. BK Nirwair, officer-in-charge of the Brahma Kumaris international headquarters at Mount Abu was appointed Managing Trustee of the hospitals' governing board, the Global Hospital & Research Centre trust.

Our founder Trustees envisaged that a multi-disciplinary secondary care hospital at Mount Abu would help bridge the existing deficiency in available health services in district Sirohi, Rajasthan. At the time, four hospitals with a combined bed strength of 457 served the district's roughly 700,000 strong population. Besides offering medical services through out-patient clinics and ward admissions, the hospital was expected to focus on outreach health care, medical research, vocational education in paramedical streams and the promotion of health awareness.

Should any of our aforementioned activities have interested you enough to wish to promote the work of our hospital, you may send your contribution by using this Paypal option or else by cheque or demand draft (made payable at Mount Abu), favoring global Hospital & Research Center, clearly mentioning which project / activity you would like your funds to be appropriated to. If no details are mentioned, the Board will allocate your contribution as is most appropriate, based on development priorities.



Prajapita Brahma, the founding Father of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa – Vidhyalaya before Incarnation's of "God" in his corporeal body he was known as Dada ji Lekhraj During the Bhakti cult Brahma – Baba was great dedicated and devoted to Lord Vishnu over and over and he had 12 religious instructors (Gurus); In worldly life, he was having great-statusful and respectable life, he was having Respactable Business of Gold ,Jewels & Diamonds and having great dignified connections with the emperors of all the territories in India before the independence.

He was born in Sindh (Now in Pakistan); from the childhood stage he was very kind; his father was a teacher and his uncle was a grain merchant; he started his business firstly with his uncle and as he had great mercy in his heart ; he mostly used to give some extra grain to the poor; it all saw his uncle and the way he had been separated . Then he started his great reputed business of Jewels & Diamond with the emperors families.

During the year of 1936 when he was 60 years of age; once along with his family members he was listening a spiritual lecture from his religious instructor (The guru)out of 12 guru, at his residence. ; all of sudden; Baba realized being detached from his body & felt as some divine power was initiating him to leave that place and to go him in the meditation room; as Baba went in to the Room "SUPREME GOD FATHER" incarnated in to his body and he found speaking in the following words: -

I am embodiment of bliss; I am the "SHIVA"

I am embodiment of knowledge; I am the "SHIVA"

I am embodiment of peace & happiness; I am the "SHIVA"

Baba realized a great power in his inner self; the divine light "Glory" was coming out through his eyes; all the family members and the religious Instructors also have realized the supernatural vision in the Baba's room; Baba asked to the guru[ Religious Instructor] whether had this divine vision been blessed by him; but the guru dinied, Thus Brahma Baba become detached from all the worldly religious Instructors; During he used to practicising meditation with the "OM" meditating voice. After some period once again Baba had another divine Vision that Lord Vishnu adorned with sea-shell, Lotus, wheel and Gada, standing vis-à-vis blessing to Baba-the wayAs I am four armed; so are you; Actually From the beginning of his child- hood Baba was thoroughly devoted to Lord Vishnu and when he had divine4 vision of Lord Vishnu vis-à-vis blessed to Baba as he is four armed so as Baba; thus Baba has transformed entirely and it was the turning point of his life.

After some period Baba had an another vision of world destruction through

(1) By Atomic Energy by Russia & America

(2) by natural calamities; floods, volcanoes & Earth quakes

(3) By Civil wars

Simultaneously Baba had another divine vision of Golden aged world (Heaven- Satyuga): kingdom of Lord Shri Laxmi & Shri Narayan; and Lord Krishna; where Lion and Lamb sharing water at the same Bank of River, spreading greenery all over.

Thus Baba found that these all things were not being initiated by the Religious Instructor but "God father" wanted to establish new heavenly world and usually internally he had divine discussions with the God father Shiva & as per the divine instructions of Almighty God father Shiva; he started to preach firstly the family members & the Relatives & then neighbours & slightly the divine teaching spreaded all over.

After the Independence Baba came along with 300 childrens at Mount Abu; and year he established 'W0RLD RENEWAL SPPRITUAL TRUST' devoting whole his property in the name of 5 Holy Sisters; wonderful fact is this; that they were not belonging to Baba's family; Hence it was all clear that these all the administration had been Managing by the Almighty Authority God father Shiva; thus it proves evidently.

At present there are over Eight housands Rajyoga Center world-wide; Preaching free Rajyoga Education for all the Religions and people Round the world ; Who wants to lead a divine life like deities are most welcome for Godly Spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga Meditation ; that has been teaching by the supreme God father Shiva.

For the free spiritual Education there are free Rajyoga Education Center at every place ; the timings for Free Rajyoga Education is between 7 a.m. to 11 am and 4 p.m. to 8.p.m. worldwide.

Here in Pandav Bhawan we can have Vision of the Divine Memories of Prajapita Brahma; [1] Baba's Meditaion Room

[2] Baba's Hut [ Where till the last breath of his life he used to live in that hut]

[3] History hall; where history of whole the God Father's divine activities ; when GOD FATHER SHIVA incarnated in the corporeal body of Brahma Baba

[4] Memorable Tower of Prajapita Brahma; Tower of Knowledge Peace ; Purity and Might.

Brahma Baba achieved perfect angelic stage in the year of 1969 on 18th January.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meditation - a way to discover one’s full potential

Batswana are being offered a chance to lead a peaceful existence as well as a way to discover their full potential through the art of meditation. Meditation has been described as a two-thousand-year-old cultural process of looking inwards, rediscovering, enjoying and using the positive qualities that are latent within one’s self.

Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual centre based at Naledi Townhouses, Village, has recently decided to reach out to Batswana who are looking for an effective antidote to stress or relaxation in the simplest form.

The Centre was founded in 1936 is an international university with around 8000 branches in over 130 countries. It currently has 80 centres in different African countries, including Botswana.
According to the Brahma Kumaris team, meditation enables one to create a new response to life and gives one a clear spiritual understanding of themselves. Their meditation techniques include step by step questions through the simple techniques of meditation; they said that they could provide insight into many of the questions asked universally about spiritual dimensions of life.

Of late, The Botswana chapter has been visited by Kenya-based Sister Vendati, Chief Head of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Africa, who has dedicated 46 years of her life to the mediation cause. Vendati was in Botswana to address a public lecture about how to open awareness and create positive attitudes in life.

Born and bred in India, Vendati has been in Africa since 1974; she came to Africa to help establish the 80 centres that are now in existence.

Vendati came to Africa when she was 30 years old and she describes her first encounter with Africa as eye-opening for she had never seen a black person before boarding the plane to Zambia.
She said that wherever she went in African countries, the people who responded to her calling were mostly busy businessmen and women who were trying to find focus in life. She said that a number of them are now prominent business people who have learnt how to develop their full potential through the art of meditation.

Vendati said her mission in Botswana was to make Batswana recognise their own inherent qualities and abilities. She also wants to help them find peace as was insinuated in her public address, entitled Freedom from Fear.

“The people of Botswana are too relaxed; it’s difficult to give them zeal. We are here to offer them the reality of life, we also offer them enthusiasm and ambition in everyday life,” said Vendati.

Vendati was quick to point out that meditation was not a religion and that it could be practised by people from different religious backgrounds.

The success story that she remembers that defines her purpose was the case of one young man who had come to her seeking answers about his life. He said that he was tired of taking care of his large family, which comprised of about 30 people, he was the sole breadwinner and he was struggling to keep up with family politics. Apparently he wanted to leave them all and live in the jungle by himself. Vendati said she advised through providing insight about his question and asked him to go back to his family, start a business to provide for his family. She said he took her advice and he is today a millionaire.

Meditation at Brahma Kumaris is free of charge and anyone who is interested is allowed to join. She guaranteed that taking some time off one’s busy schedule to meditate a little every day soon becomes a habit, which generously rewards people for the little effort they made to attain relaxation.